We specialize in hand made items, natural materials, and arts and crafts products and tools that would have been familiar to the old masters. Philosophically we reject modernism and the overuse of toxic plastics in our everyday objects and in the materials we use. We support the revival of traditionalist hand crafts and methods that were perfected before large scale mass production and industrialization. We hope new technological innovation can occur, but always with nature in mind, and with true art in our hearts.

There are many techniques and materials and skills utilized by the unparalleled  great masters of painting and sculpture, and in the other great artisans of the past, that have not been surpassed by modern advances, as we might have thought, but instead replaced by slightly easier, short term solutions that are generally: wasteful, toxic, rely on the petrochemical industry, single use, sometimes costly, and less conducive to creating either long lasting or aesthetically first-rate art and artful objects.

We ship internationally and hope to expand into a much larger movement for people seeing to reconnect with traditional art methods and rekindle a spirit of proper, sustainable craft.